Teach With Us

FALL 2024

2 openings for multi-year, part-time, contract, virtual teaching positions

    • Make a difference in children’s lives
    • Join a team with high standards and a passion for education
    • Set your own schedule


You will need to have teaching experience, a high-speed internet connection, the ability to teach virtually using multiple tech devices with ease, and live in the US.

You will need to provide your own computer, internet, and Zoom license. We will provide SpellRead™ teaching materials. We will train you to teach the program virtually and support you as you teach!

We take care of recruiting, evaluating, assessing, and invoicing students.

No papers to grade! No work to take home after teaching! We pay you for the time that you teach as well as the time to plan the lesson.


  • Plan, organize, and present SpellRead™ instruction to an individual student in a virtual setting (or an in-person setting if you are in MD or NC)
  • Provide a compassionate and encouraging environment
  • Determine each student’s needs; record each student’s progress
  • Help students learn the SpellRead™ material as well as skills that will contribute to their educational and social development
  • Communicate with parents
  • Learn about the science of reading, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADHD

Application Requirements:

Step 1:

Email us your resume with a cover letter, or apply through Indeed. Include answers to these questions:

  • Do you believe it is important for a kindergarten student to know the alphabet? Please explain your answer in detail.
  • Are you aware that this job typically starts at 4 hours a week? It could gradually increase to 12 hours a week, if you would like that many hours. For applicants looking for a position that fills 20 hours a week, this is not likely to be that position. Please comment on how this would fit with your need for employment.

Step 2:

Please record yourself reading the following excerpt from “The Power of One” by Bryce Courtenay and attach the audio file in your email. If you arrived here from the job posting on Indeed then submit it to us through Indeed.


The school charabanc, driven by Sarge, took us through the skyscrapered streets out through a place called Hillbrow, where we followed a tram down into increasingly quieter suburbs. We left the tram at its terminal and drove into a leafy suburb, named Houghton, where the houses, set in perfectly manicured lawns and brilliant gardens, were bigger than any I had ever seen. The top of the charabanc brushed against the cool dark oak trees that lined the quiet streets. We passed an occasional nanny wheeling a baby carriage with large wheels that even sported springs. All the nannys wore identical black dresses with starched white pinafores, and all the baby carriages seemed to have come from the same factory. I wasn’t much for symbols; my life had somehow contrived to be a mixture of people so that social status meant very little to me. Nevertheless, I sensed that I was entering a new kind of world with a different set of rules.



We turned into a gateway, through a huge open gate with the crown and three ostrich feathers outlined in its wrought iron design, and continued down a roadway bordered on each side by giant English oaks. On the way to Wellington house, one of the three boarders’ houses at the Prince of Wales School, we passed an emerald-green cricket pitch with a rotating hose chit-chit-chittering a jet of water in a large circle around the pitch. On the far boundary, neatly enclosed by a white picket fence, stood a small white pavilion, behind it grew another row of giant oaks, and beyond them rose several sets of rugby posts. Still further, the neo-Gothic clock tower of the main school rose above the trees. It seemed the perfect place for a posh school, but I was not at all, sure that it was the perfect place for the future welter-weight champion of the world.


Step 3: 

We will contact you for a virtual interview and a screening to determine the strength of your phonemic awareness, reading, writing, and spelling skills.

Thank you for applying to teach with us!