About Us


Elizabeth Maeshiro

Director of Education / SpellRead Teacher

With a natural gift for teaching, and passion for helping children succeed, Elizabeth Maeshiro has cherished her work in the field of reading intervention for over 15 years! Elizabeth maintains the role of Director of Education as well as being a teacher and a cofounder at SpellRead Works.

Elizabeth loves to help children build a strong foundation for learning. This may be the natural result of having grown up as a daughter of a Kindergarten teacher. As a child she formed an affinity for history and historical novels and has always honored each person’s contribution and individual journey in life. Interestingly, Elizabeth’s path to teaching began in an unexpected way shortly after finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Historic Preservation.

After graduation, Elizabeth found herself advocating for a middle-school student with dyslexia. She began researching about reading disabilities in order to help. She trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading, yet remained in search of a program that could offer more. A few years later Elizabeth had the opportunity to attend SpellRead Phonological Auditory Training, and she’s been using SpellRead to teach students ever since. Because… you will hear her say, again and again, SpellRead works!

Elizabeth is a teacher, a parent, and recently she was even a student as she completed her Master’s Degree in Psychology. Elizabeth knows the challenges that her students face with reading disabilities and ADHD as well as her own kids. Like you, she knows what it’s like to juggle the family schedule and stay up late contemplating whether the kids are healthy and fulfilled.

In addition to talking about how she can help your child with reading, Elizabeth would be delighted to discuss favorite children’s books! She can also offer a few tips for making shrimp scampi in under 15 minutes, and would be happy to share which parks have the best puddles for splashing!

Meghan Antonopoulos

Director of Communications / SpellRead Teacher


Since childhood, Meghan has been deeply interested in the different ways in which people learn. She appreciates information that is intentionally organized so it is easy to understand and systems that are deliberately designed to be easy to use. Meghan maintains the role of Director of Communications as well as being a teacher and a cofounder at SpellRead Works.

Throughout her career, Meghan has sought out opportunities to be creative and innovative even in highly-detailed industries such as finance and pharmacy. She has enjoyed sharing knowledge, leading employees, managing projects, analyzing data, improving processes, and designing information. Meghan likes the challenge and reward of being a consultant for minority-owned and women-owned businesses and equally enjoys working with children! 

Meghan has worked and volunteered in graphic design, Montessori education, and museum education. She prefers teaching one-on-one or in small groups. She’s been called to be a reading tutor for young Montessori dual-language learners and a software tutor for college students as well as a corporate trainer. She has also written curriculum and presented programs about wildlife for elementary students and been a homeschool teacher for 5th grade. When she started to teach SpellRead it was a natural fit! Meghan says, “I appreciate the attention to detail in the SpellRead program’s design. It is exquisitely constructed. Seeing students become more confident as their reading skills improve is a wonderful reward!”.

Meghan is a teacher, a parent, a gardener, and an advocate. She compassionately understands anxiety, sensory processing challenges, and reading struggles. Reach out to her. Meghan is always happy to listen to your questions, talk about student goals, and celebrate progress!