Reading CAN be effortless.

We Help Struggling Readers

Did you know that our brains are naturally wired for speaking, but not for reading and writing? Because of this, it is common to need extra help in gaining all the skills that are needed to be a proficient reader. At SpellRead Works, we know precisely how to help.



We provide an intensive reading intervention program for struggling readers of all ages and reading levels. We always begin with a professional reading evaluation to determine each student’s strengths as well as areas in need of improvement. We’ll discuss our findings and make sure our program is the right fit for you!


Each student receives a personalized reading plan and attends 1:1 or group classes. Each class systematically introduces a new skill and helps students connect it to concepts they already understand. Students will build a foundation of skills that will be beneficial for reading long after they have finished the program.


We love to see student’s self-confidence grow alongside their reading skills. We’ll track your child’s progress in reading, spelling, and comprehension skills, so you can see the results on paper as well as when you read with your child. When reading is effortless, learning can be limitless and joyful!


 Did you know, many students begin to read without building sufficient connections between their oral and written language abilities? The program we use strengthens those connections and provides the complete set of skills that each struggling reader needs.

SpellRead, is different from the way reading is usually taught in schools. We utilize multi-sensory materials and give instruction in a systematic way that has been scientifically tested and proven to increase foundational reading and spelling skills.

SpellRead™ helps students to:

  • develop reading fluency
  • improve vocabulary
  • build comprehension strategies
  • improve spelling
  • connect reading skills with writing skills

SpellRead™ changes the way that students read by rebuilding their foundational skills and helping the brain to integrate both the auditory and visual aspects of the reading process. This is how we successfully build better readers.

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